From the news stand: Be inspired by the change in season

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower – Albert Camus

Before our pavements and gardens become adorned with a scattering of red and yellow, we should take full advantage of the longer days and warmer nights. Now is the time to organise that last summer dinner party out on the patio, throw a delicious prawn braai on the balcony or gather together for a champagne picnic in the park. Why not let the change of season
Inspire you?

Event Affairs, a local events planning company, lists their top tips for pulling off the perfect end-of-Summer soiree:

•    Ease into autumn with a rich orange, red or yellow theme. Festive grazing tables compliment an al fresco dining experience.  You can even use some autumn fruit, such as raspberries, grapes, pears and plums as a centerpiece.

•    Take advantage of the chilly season with creative cozy function spaces – A venue such as The Fugard Theatre in District Six, Cape Town will not only ignite flare to your affair but add hearty history and character too.

•    Whether you choose a string quartet to compliment a balmy autumn eve or a local band that will have you firing up the dance floor, music will certainly heat things up at any end-of-summer soiree.

•    Lighting can be your saving grace when planning an event during the change of seasons by adding warmth to cool nights or light to dark corners. Oversized glittered candles can add extra glitz and glamour to your affair.

•    Be adventurous with your wine list. Now is your chance to move away from summer Sauvignon Blancs and fruity Chenins and introduce wooded bush-vine wines, delicate desert wines and voluptuous reds.

Event Affairs is a distinctive events management company with an intrinsic ethos towards exceptional service, while challenging conventional thinking, in order to deliver world-class corporate & private events and Weddings. 

For more information on Event Affairs go to


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