So damn excited I might scream!

Keeping a secret so big has been difficult for me.

What’s currently happening is freaking amazing and exactly what we want as a family! Maybe I should tell you what we want as a family before I tell you the freaking amazing part of it all.

We want a bigger house. We will stay in the same area, but we need 3 bedrooms, at least 2 bathrooms and a bigger living area. We have loads of stuffs in our tiny house, I want a bigger house where it looks like we have too little stuffs.

I want to be able to give more of my time to the school, Voortrekkers and Church. These are all the things we are involved in and I want to be able to do more and do it with my children.

We want a cleaner house and more hours at home in a day. With more hours cleaning won’t be such a mission.

We want either myself or Hannes to be closer to home during the day or have more flexible hours to be able to do that.

So what’s the freaking amazing news?


I resigned this morning and I’m starting my new job on 1 April.

How does a new job fit into our plans of what we want?

I’ll earn more, so we can afford a new house.

I’m only working halfday, so I have loads more time at home with the kids and their activities.

I’m so happy.

For more on my 30 things before 30 list click here


Thanks for reading.
Love Charlotte

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