In December I bought some plants at Stodels and even one packed of seeds. I was set on making a success of my pot garden (not that kind, the kind where you buy pots and plant in them because you have pavement as a yard)

My plants grew and got bigger and about 3 weeks ago, they stopped growing. I finally them convinced Hannes that I want big wooden pots for my pink flowers (until then I have not seen a flower) and bigger pots for my herbs.

So last week Sunday we replanted my “flowers” into the large wooden pots and my herbs into bigger pots. They looks freaking awesome.

I was convinced that they would not survive the replant, but so far so good. I even got to see my first pink bud on my flower plant this morning.

Brackenfell-20140211-00235 Brackenfell-20140211-00236 Brackenfell-20140211-00237 Brackenfell-20140211-00238 Brackenfell-20140211-00239

Do you garden? Do you love it? Any tips? 

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2 thoughts on “Potting

  1. I try to plant a veggie patch. It was successful until the year we got 2 roti puppies. They made it their mission to destroy everything in sight!

    The one tip I have is don’t over-water.


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