Grass burns and Birthday Parties

My weekend started out as a complete rush. I left the office 15min earlier than usual as Amandalynn had to be at Oom Vossie’s Kommando in Bellville at 5. Lucky for me I have great friends, so Lady H got my kids from school and took them with her.

Finally at 18:30 Lady L and myself got to the annual potjie competition. The kids had a blast make "stokbrood" (its basically bread dough wrapped around a stick and braai’d on a fire, it tastes best when filled with maple syrup). As the night was a Voortrekker function no alcochol was allowed, but if you know me well and have attended any function with me that lasts londer than 2 hours, you know that I need a large glass of wine to keep me from killing children. After the prize giving at 9 the kids helped the adults to pack up and while we were finishing up Amandalynn somehow got a grassburn on her face. 4 kids came running with Amandalynn, all telling me at once what happened and all wanting to help her feel better it was so sweet.

Just before we left, we (the adults) realised that we haven’t eaten anything so off we went to Lady L’s house for our usual Friday night braai. Seriously who starts a braai at 10 at night? We braai’d , drank and talked and only got home just before 2. I was so tired that the minute my head felt the soft pillow I was out.

Hannes had to work like he does most saturdays, so I was in charge of getting to kids to and from horse riding. Its official Lorelai might possibly do riding her entire life, Amandalynn on the other hand is not really interested in riding. Lorelai really does think that Arnims Place and all its horses belong to her and got very upset when another girl got to ride her Cody.

After the lessons we headed home, changed and off to Nella’s 4th birthday party we went. Thankfully it was a pool + slide kind of party so the kids got to stay cool. I even had a go or 2 on the slide.

All in all Saturday was great. It was hot as we were in the middle of a heat wave.

What did you do to beat the heat over the weekend?


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