He is all grown up

I cannot believe my eyes, but the kid that I use to call “baba” until he was about 10 is now 18 and pretty much grown up. This little boy is my baby brother.

He turned 18 in January and on saturday he has his first trip to the bottle store. My parents are on holiday so I took him. He didn’t know where the beers we being kept. I showed him. He wasn’t sure which 6pack to take so I told him a little more about the different beers and which ones I prefer. He ended up taking Heineken. I left him alone to go over to the casher to pay for his drinks. He did the paparazzi thing and refused that I take a photo.

The lady behind the counter caught on that this was his first trip to the bottle store and refused to sell him anything unless he poses for photo.

My baby brother is all grown up.


Thanks for reading.
Love Charlotte

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