Weekend wonders

I had an amazing weekend. Friday night we has the usual Voortrekkers, but instead of a braai after I visited my friend Ann for a coffee and a long overdue chat. I have missed chilling on her couch just talking. The sad part is that we stay 3 houses apart so there is really no reason for why I cannot visit more often.

Saturday morning when Hannes left for work I took the girls and we went to go pick up my baby sister who was staying the night. The girls spent the entire morning running around and having so much fun. I think between the 2 older girls they tried on every piece of clothing Amandalynn owns. They decided on their final outfits and we were off to Princess Kitty Kate’s first birthday bash.

Amandalynn is officially too old for toddler birthday parties. I could see that Azara and Amandalynn were bored.

We headed home after the party to shower and pack things to braai. The kids could just not understand why they had to shower before we headed out. The braai was awesome as usual. Great friends, great conversations and awesome takeaways (we never really eat when we braai as we fill up on snacks)

We took the kids to go feed the horses at Arnims Place on saturday morning. It was great fun.

What did you do over the weekend? And yes I know its almost weekend again and I’m only posting about my weekend now.


Thanks for reading.
Love Charlotte

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