13) Be on the PTA at my daughters school…

Since the day Amandalynn was born I have always said I am going to be one of those mothers, the ones who attend every school play and activity while working it at the same time. If there is an activity, meeting or anything happening at the school I am in the front row ready to bake, sell and bribe if it is what the school needs.

The School Amandalynn attends has two kind of PTA’s: the first and most important where they are on the board of the school and make the big decisions and then the other is the junior PTA where you do all the ant kind of work because your goal at the end of the day is to be one of those parents making the big decisions. I joined the PTA a year too late and let me tell you in Grade 2 you can already see who the moms are to beat, but I’m ready for the challenge!

Last night was the first JNR PTA meeting to the annual fete the school has, I was front and center ready for action in getting this sorted. I have to say that I was very impressed about how organised the school really is. One of the teachers did all the announcements and then we got split into groups according to our children’s grades to discussed what needs to be done. Each year the grades handle the same activity. The grade 2’s are always responsible got the “Haunted House”, we have accepted the challenge to make it even bigger and better than it has every been.

My question to you loyal friendly awesome readers are: DO YOU OWN ANY HAUNTED KIND OF THINGS THAT WE CAN BORROW?

The terms of the borrowing will be as follows:
• we will collect
• we will clean
• we will do our best to ensure that it is return in the same condition
• we cannot promise that it will be in the same condition, and will not be held liable

If you are happy with those terms please contact me c.l.coetzee at gmail dot com so that we can talk.

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