I never…

I never would have imagined that I will be the type that joins a gym!

Last night I had my first session at the “gym”. Before I tell you about the session, let me first tell you that being walking fit and actually fit are 2 different things! Our church started a gym last year, my mother joined and my aunt and I was never really interested. This year for some or other reason I wanted to join.

The gym is a R100 a month and there are two classes a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 till 7. For that prices who wouldn’t join?

Last night I was late for gym because of Metro fail running late, I walked into a classroom of old and young, big and small, thin and fat. The instructor has a boot camp kind of voice and says things like your not an elephant I don’t want to hear your feet.

I had a blast! So of the exercises I only did halfway and stopped because I was tired and had nothing to prove to anyone. The instructor doesn’t mind if you don’t complete the exercise as long as you don’t push yourself to hard and hurt yourself.

This morning my legs feel like jelly and I’m not sure how to walk. My muscles hurt, my bones hurt but as they say no pain, no gain.

If you feel like making the drive to Brackenfell or you just live around the corner, come join us. For the address check out NG Kerk Proteahoogte’s website.

Do you gym or exercise? Do you love it or loathe it?

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Thanks for reading.

Love Charlotte

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One thought on “I never…

  1. Well done! It will get easier if you keep at it.

    I love exercising and I love the gym – my favourites are step, spinning and vbox. What I don’t so much like is yoga and Pilates, find those a bit boring even though I know I should probably incorporate a class a week into my schedule.


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