DIY for my home

I came across this post today and I’m so impressed with how much I actually completed off this list… I started in August 2012 and in the last 17 months this is what I have completed:


  • A new kettle as mine has gone on a permanent vacation – My mother got me a new one. 
  • Change the batteries in my clock as it had been 10:20 for almost as long as it has been up. – Clock went into the bin, I have replaced the batteries, but it is still not working, so now I need a new one.
  • Put in 2 Floating Shelves under my clock – I’ve decided to only put on up. its filled with pretty tins.
  • More glass jars – I love having my pasta, the porridge and the kid’s sweets all over my kitchen. It makes it look like I actually us my kitchen. I want more jars, any shape size or colour –  I now have more than I can actually use. 
  • A wine rack – Maybe there will be wine on it someday. – My mother cleaned out her house and I got a mini wine rack that takes 6 bottles, now I need wine to fill it with.
  • More glasses and mugs, but again all shapes and sizes. – My father got glasses from Consel for R2 a glass.
  • Fridge – I have one, but it is tiny. I want another one. A big one. – Hannes moved in and now I suddenly have 2 large ones. 
  • A pretty bin – The pretty bathroom bin Tara gave me has moved to the Bathroom and I got an ugly but big bin for my kitchen. 
  • A bigger nicer dry rack or maybe a full-time cleaner to do this task for me. – I got the dry rack, but still no full time maid. 
  • Hooks on the kitchen door to hang my and the girls aprons – this will just be for decorating as you actually have to cook or bake to be able to use them.
  • Chest Freezer – I don’t have space or on, but I have always wanted one. Even if it has to be in my bedroom next to my bed I want one.

9 of the 11 things for my Kitchen has been completed.


I want this room to be warm and inviting, also no specific colour scheme at this stage

  • Childproof Rug – I want a soft and warm rug in my lounge. I t has to be childproof or have full-time security to keep my children off it. – We got a rug, but it is not childproof at all. 
  • I need to get myself a decent lounge suite or sleeper couch, the problem with this is that I have not really seen something that I really really love. – When Hannes moved in I got a nice sleeper couch and some chairs. 
  • I want a low very low coffee table to be placed on my childproof rug. – Another lovely thing I got when Hannes moved in. 
  • A real TV unit. I currently use the girl’s compactum instead of buying one, because there really is no other space in my house for it and I do not want to get rid of it. – Got my old one back. 
  • Large mirror – My father made me one. 
  • Photo frame Wall – I had one, but then I got a large mirror and it replaced my photo’s 
  • Get a doorbell – Done and dusted. 
  • Standing Lamp – I have always wanted one and will eventually have a really pretty one.
  • Curtains – I have blinds but curtains just makes a room look softer and warmer.
  • Scatter Cushions – I want loads, there has to be so many that you cannot sit on my couch.
  • Bookcase – I have an old old oddly shapes book-case, that I want to revamp. One of the mommy blogs redid hers with comic book pages and it looked really really awesome (mommy blogger I hope you are reading this as I really need the link for that and somehow to steps) I want to do it in black and white with photos of me and the monsters.

7 of the 11 things for my Lounge has been completed.


I want my bathroom to be Brown and either pink/blue/green. (We are just girls in the house and my favourite colour is pink, but there is currently not a room in my house that does not have pink from floor to ceiling and I am trying to cut down on that.

  • 4 hooks behind doors for towels – I got a hook thingy that attaches to the shower door. 
  • A large stuffs holder from my shower – I got a pretty white one, that my dad finally attached to the wall yesterday. 
  • Put up two floating shelves with baskets in – I got 2 pink baskets and a floating shelve for the bathroom – My father finally put it up yesterday. 
  • Pretty bin – Tara got me a nice bin for my birthday, it is currently standing in my kitchen.
  • Hand towel ring and toilet roll hook
  • New colour coded with theme towels and bath mats

4 of the 6 things for my Bathroom has been completed.

Kids Bedroom

  • Fix double bunk – the double bunk has been fixed and I am now redoing the bedroom.
  • A table for each child. – Lorelai got the old table and Amandalynn got a new one.
  • Curtains – Bright pink curtains have been put up. 
  • Curtain holding thingies. – Lovely pink ones now hold the curtains back.
  • Green paint for walls

4 of the 5 things for my Kids bedroom has been completed.


Brightly Beautiful

  • Washing Machine & Tumble dryer (I want new pretty ones) – a girl can dream can’t she? – I got a new Washing Machine and an old Tumble Dryer. 
  • Cover my iron board – This has been done and I have never used it. 
  • Thing for hangers – It’s basically a long piece of metal that my dad puts up and I can hang my washing on it. – Done and dusted. 
  • Fill stepping-stones with concrete as the and is crap. – This has been done, my backyard is now sand free. 
  • Loads of colourful pots with plants in them. – I have finally gotten plants that wont die because I touch them. Hannes and my dad made  pretty wooden rectangular pots that now need to be filled and my flowers need to be planted in them. 
  • Outside cushions to sit on concrete stepping-stones
  • More lights
  • Table and chairs – Yesterday my father mentioned that he is working on this one – so we will just have to see what happens.

5 of the 8 things for my Outside has been completed.

My bedroom

  • New Bed
  • Bedside tables
  • Headboard – want a vintage looking thing
  • Princess lamps
  • A reading chair with standing lamp – This will be a dream come true
  • Hooks for necklaces
  • Light for mirror – I have to get lights installed by my dresser as it is way too dark to be able to do make up
  • Full length mirror that makes my boobs look huge and my middle tiny.
  • All new bedding and curtains.
  • Curtain holding thingies

0 of the 10 things for my My Bedroom has been completed.

Maybe this year my bedroom will get some attention!



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