Taking Stock

Everyone is taking stock of their lives, I think it is that time of the year and I decided after seeing Andrea do hers, that I must do one too.

Making: Beads for the weddings, binding branches and spraying them. The girl’s dresses are being done by my mom. The look so damn cute.

Cooking: whatever Hannes and the girls want to eat. I don’t have the energy to argue over food.

Drinking: This past weekend it was bubbly and cocktails, weekend coming it will be bubbly and wine. Reason 105 for why I love weddings.

Reading: I haven’t read a book in ages. Hanging head in shame.

Wanting: So many things, but mainly a weekend away with Hannes and the girls. I think we really need it.

Looking: Forward to the wedding on Saturday. Yes everything is about this wedding! My best friend is getting married.

Playing: “Sewetjie” with Hannes and my brother or Uno with the girls.

Wasting: Energy on crap

Sewing: I did some on Saturday.

Wishing: I had more time (and energy!) to do everything I want to do

Enjoying: Having Hannes home, he is such a big help, but mostly he calms me down.

Waiting: to climb in bed at night to cuddle.

Liking: Early morning cuddles

Loving: how big my girls have gotten.

Hoping: That Hannes gets some leave over Christmas time.

Marvelling: at how quickly the girls have adapted to having him home, it was like he never left.

Needing: so much more sleep!

Smelling: Food, I think I’m hungry

Wearing: Jeans, pumps and a T-shirt.

Following: my heart when I make decisions.

Noticing: that Lorelai has a magnet tied to her brain which causes her head to be first impact when she climbs on things she shouldn’t and hurts herself.

Knowing: That I’m loved

Thinking: So many things… Not even enough time to list, otherwise I will never post this.

Giggling: at myself, most days

Feeling: HAPPY ♥


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