Updates on my life…

Well hello stranger!

If my blog could talk that is what she would have said to me right about now. I have been missing in action! Its not that I don’t have anything to write about, life has just been cray-cray!

I’m doing great! Life is wonderful and stressful, but wonderful.

So what have we been up to you ask? So much, grap a cup of coffee, take a seat…

*disclaimer the follwing updates might be bulletpoints, 2 words or even essays – you have been warned

From my side I did the vanish and mess up a shirt challenge, not a mayor shocker when after to washes the shirt is not clean yet. I had my kids use it as a cloth all over the place for 2 days, left it standing out for 2 more and then washed it twice and its not clean yet. Sorry Vanish but Sunlight gives me the same result and its a whole lot cheaper.

Also I attended a Pedicure event with Reluctantmom (you can read her comments here) I have to agree with everything she says. I decided to go because Amandalynn refuses to eat breakfast and 2 days before I received the invite I told Hannes I want to get her a supplement or shake. Pedisure gifted us a tin to test and my girls don’t like the taste. It doesn’t taste bad, they just don’t like it. So there goes that idea.

I’ve also been invited to the launch party at the new Burger King opening at Cape Gate on the 14th. Excited.

Elaine is still getting married on 2 November and I’m so excited. I cannot wait. Still trying to figure her kitchen tea / bacholerettes out, but I’m being to nice and trying to make everyone happy so nothing is happening! But I’m not freaking out yet. Give me till Sunday, then you can bring some popcorn and watch me freak the fuck out! But this too shall pass and we will make it.

More thing I want to tell you about, but I might never get to it, but if you really want to know pop me an email: Hannes; Lorelai bday; Work; Amanda school; Church; Photoshoot; Friendships; My mom; Spar voucher; Giving up all the extra’s ; Bloemfontein; Hair…..


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