More on my life…

In previous post (sorry that it does not have a hyperlink, just press the previous post button at the bottom of this post) I sort of dabbled in promising you more updates…

The first thing I’m really excited about is the family photo shoot we are doing on Saturday with Nicky H Photography, but before I can tell you more I first need to tell you about other things…

Elaine’s wedding is coming up and I need to have my hair done, as in cut, colored and have low-lights put in, I haven’t had my hair done in a salon for years so finding out that is going to cost me R750 made me say FUCK a lot! I eventually decided just to cut and put low lights in and that will cost me R450. Also I will color myself (tonight) that was R135. That brings my grand total down to R600. Seriously when did this happened? I use to pay R220 for a full head of highlights with a cut and blow-dry. Am I just being cheap or is paying that much just ridiculous?!

Now back to the Photo shoot… That will happen just after my hair appointment on Saturday, so my hair will be perfect. Now I’m wondering if I should have bangs cut again?!

For those of you who missed this, Hannes and I are back together again. Things are great, we argue and disagree, but not in the same way we did in the past. We don’t scream and swear, we talk it out until we both agree on the way forward. We have changed so much in the last 18 months that I honestly feel that the break was good for both of us. I’m happy.

More things I want to tell you about, but I might never get to it, but if you really want to know pop me an email: Lorelai bday; Work; Amanda school; Church; Friendships; My mom; Spar voucher; Giving up all the extra’s ; Bloemfontein…


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2 thoughts on “More on my life…

  1. I’ve been a really rubbish reader of blogs in the last few months, so completely missed that you were back together (sound of random stranger scrolling through past posts to read)…


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