What Happened to Childhood?

Here is my comment: My daughter is 7 and 50% of her friends have Blackberry’s and iphone’s. She has a little dinky cellphone (because my mother gave her one) she doesn’t ever use it and she is not allowed to play games on her phone or on mine. I have a Tablet and she gets to work paint and word. no games allowed in my house at all. Build a puzzle, play with rocks and fall over. I might be placing my daughter at a disadvantage, but my kids still run in restaurants and have normal conversations. I feel that I will teach her about technology when she needs or when she is able to use it.

The Jolly Jammer

I found this article on Gawker the other day. Comedian Louis C.K. appeared on the Conan O’Brien show a few years ago and spoke about his feelings on smartphones, why he hates them.

I don’t hate them. I bloody love them. And the internet, which I feel is probably more what he was attacking than just a fancy phone.

But something he said really resonated with me and I have been unable to forget it or even just stop thinking about it. It’s one of those things that we don’t consider because it was never an issue for any of us growing up. We were only introduced to the internet as teenagers and young adults, when we had already had the opportunity to develop our emotional psyche.

This is what he said:


I think these things are toxic, especially for kids…they don’t look at people when they talk…

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