I am raising girls… not piggies

I am so tired of having to do everything myself all the time. About 2 weeks ago we put the reward charts back up and offered the children pocket money for each task they complete. I didn’t tell you all about this because a) I haven’t been feeling like blogging and b) I feared that I wouldn’t stick with it for longer than a week.

Each child got what I think is a age appropriate task. I even took photo’s to add to the chart (that hasn’t happend). They get 50c for each task so 1 day of work = R2.50, is not a lot of money, but when your 3 and 7 its almost like winning the lotto.

Lorelai’s tasks:

IMG-20130819-00063 IMG-20130819-00064 IMG-20130819-00069 IMG-20130819-00076 IMG-20130819-00079

After 2 weeks Lorelai has R15 to spend as she likes.

Amandalynn tasks

IMG-20130819-00063 IMG-20130819-00066 IMG-20130819-00068 IMG-20130819-00069 IMG-20130819-00077

After 2 weeks she only has R10 because she has done hardly anything and she forgot het aftercare bag at school and I had to turn around to get it. I deducted R3 for petrol.


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