The farm life…

In the beginning of August my mom took the girls to the farm my aunt lives on just outside Malmesbury.

The farm life is something new for Amandalynn and Lorelai – my girls are city girls, but through the photo’s I can see that they loved every moment.

IMG-20130811-WA000 IMG-20130811-WA001 IMG-20130811-WA002 IMG-20130811-WA003 IMG-20130811-WA004 IMG-20130811-WA005 IMG-20130811-WA006 IMG-20130811-WA007 IMG-20130811-WA008 IMG-20130811-WA009


3 thoughts on “The farm life…

  1. I had to laugh a little. A friend of mine offered to stay at her parents’ farm while they took their first holiday together in 20 odd years. She called on day 2 to bemoan that it was nothing like Farmville.


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