Little bites

Look at my little girls legs! Poor baby keeps scratching and we don’t know where the bites are coming from.


7 thoughts on “Little bites

  1. Those look like flea bites. Itch like crazy! If you can get your hands on some Annique resque mist (not the cream!) try that – it should help for the bites at least. Then you just have to find and kill the culrpits/s.


  2. Pick ‘n Pay stocks Fumitabs – it is a insecticide in a pill, that you open, light, and then leave to burn, and it fumigates the room.

    We had a spate of bites on the kids, more so on Connor, and after it kept getting worse, I flipped up all the matresses up, opened cupboards and lit the Fumitabs.

    Connor and Isabelle always get bitten, and the rest of us get nothing.

    It is a hectic fumigator and kills everything. Best to do it in the morning, then open the doors/windows to air the house from about 14h00, and then bring everyone back in after 17h00.

    It is not very expensive, and is a quick solution. It kills everything, and as the “smell” takes a while to get out of the house, best to do it when the kids are out and you have time to leave it open. Whether it is fleas, bedbugs, or what ever creepies are lurking around, it gets rid of them all.

    It got rid of our problem. I am not sure what our’s was.

    {I usually bring an outside company in to fumigate our house every year or second year, and I just did not get to it this year}

    Use it, don’t use it. Hope what ever is biting dies or moves away.


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