The Pampers® Institute: Guiding the Happy and Healthy Development of Babies

As part of Pampers®’ unwavering commitment to the happy and healthy development of babies, the leading nappy brand recently launched the Pampers® Institute; a network of experts who seek to guide moms on how best to nurture their babies. From sleep to nutrition, skin care and more, the Pampers® Institute has been designed with the ultimate wellbeing of babies in mind.

We’re for Moms

“Having assisted moms as they care for their babies for over 50 years, we at Pampers® understand that mothers want only the best for their infants and toddlers. We are also well aware that moms are constantly seeking advice on how to give their little ones the finest start in life, so that they may grow into the outstanding adults they will one day become.”

“With this in mind, we embarked on the Pampers® Institute initiative, which saw us travel the country in search of leading specialists. This, in an effort to bring expert advice to moms who only want the best for their babies,” explains Jeanne du Plessis, Communication Manager for Pampers®.

In the Know

As a result of this intense and in-depth search, the Pampers® Institute comprises experts who collectively specialise in most aspects related to the ultimate care of babies including the following: • Paediatrics and health related issues • Skincare • Movement and development • Nutrition and diet • Sensory integration, as well as neurological development • Dentistry • Parenting advice and tips

Expert Opinion

Many of the experts invited to be part of the Pampers® Institute are well-known to moms around the country due to their regular appearances in the media.

Renowned paediatrician, Dr Hetan Hari is one such example and often appears on eTV’s Great Expectations. Sister Lilian is also a household name and scores of moms have turned to her for her compassionate and innovative approach to health, pregnancy, birthing and parenting.

Having penned four books and achieved a doctorate in the importance of movement to the learning process, Dr Melodie De Jager frequently appears in the press and is now a proud member of the Pampers® Institute. While dermatologist and Pampers® Institute panellist, Dr Avela Mayekiso is well-known for the special care she gives to the world’s most demanding skin; that of a baby’s.

Dietician, Claire McHugh brings to the Pampers® Institute key insights and tips on the importance of infant nutrition, as well as specialist nutritional advice to parents of healthy children. And co-creator of the well-known Moms and Babes programme, Kate Bailey, provides key developmental guidelines and activity ideas to support and offer parents the tools they need to enhance normal development in their babies from birth to 1 year.

Next up on the Pampers® Institute panel of experts is Dr Imran Hoosen, who is the resident Dental Expert on South Africa’s leading health website, He also serves as Dental Advisor to a number of organisations including Men’s Health and Oral B.

Watch This Space

Just as the way in which we care for our babies continues to evolve and change, so too will the Pampers® Institute. Watch this space as Pampers® continues to seek out new and interesting experts to join this panel, committed to the happy and healthy development of babies.


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