I got more digits…

Yesterday I got some more flowers from my secret admirer. They are beautiful and I love the fact that they came in a pot. I got 4 more digits so only 4 to go…

Dear Secret Admirer

Thank you for the flowers they are lovely and they smell wonderful. They currently on my kitchen counter with the other flowers that I have somehow kept mostly alive.

I’ve done some serious thinking about this entire situation and I can’t stop myself from wondering about who you are. I have so many questions about why you decided to take this route in contacting me.
So before I get my last digits or at the same time, I have a little request (more like I won’t contact you unless you do it) I have requested this before and now I want it even more, but write a letter (I would prefer ink on paper) tell me why you decided to do this, tell me why me and tell me about you – what you like or don’t like, anything really.

A simple letter will make me smile more than any kind of gift…

Patiently waiting for more….


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