Five fast Milk facts from Clover

cloverDid you know? Five fast Milk facts from Clover:

  • On average, Clover processes 1 800 000 litres of raw milk per day into a range of Clover products
  • One Clover cow is able to produce 21 litres of Clover milk on average per day
  • It takes approximately 10 kg of Clover milk to make 1 kg of Clover cheese (this is an average for  Clover cheeses; Cheddar/Gouda/Feta/Tussers/Mozzarella) and 21 kg of Clover milk to make 1 kg of Clover butter
  • Milk needs to be pasteurised because of pathogenic bacteria in milk. Clover milk is treated by pasteurization, a heat treatment originally developed to kill the bacterium that causes tuberculosis. Pasteurization is effective in destroying the bacteria in milk that cause tuberculosis, salmonellosis, diphtheria, typhoid fever, and other illnesses without adversely affecting the milk’s nutritional content, flavour or quality.
  • The national Food Based Dietary Guidelines from the Department of Health suggest that you should have milk, maas and yoghurt every day. The suggested dairy intake per day is 3 servings. 1 serving of dairy = 250ml of milk.

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