My baby turned 7

Amandalynn was 7 on 28 June. I’m still getting use to the idea of my princess being 7 but that’s a another blog post all together.

I spent months thinking of what I can do for her birthday, something that won’t break the bank, but that she would love. We decided on a sleep over party. She invited 7 friends and didn’t stop talking about it for weeks.

I worked half day or not at all (can’t remember which one) on the day of the sleep over. The house was clean and neat. I was ready.

Things obviously had to go wrong as when my mom got home, she couldn’t find any pizza dough anywhere! I started to panic as I didn’t by any plan B food to feed the children. H obviously came to my rescue and whipped up enough dough to feed and army in under an hour. Have I told you how awesome that women is. She is one of those that says she can cook, but give her 3 ingredients and she’ll cook such and awesome meal.

The kids loved making their own pizzas. It was messy and so much fun. I ate some of their pizza as with the loads of dough that we had, they all made huge pizza’s.

After dinner we made a huge christmas bed in the lounge and all 8 kids and I slept there. Azara slept in my arms as she didn’t want me to go to my own bed. She is such a sweet little girl.

Saturday morning the girls had cake for breakfast and I have to add that the cake was amazing!!!

All in all it was a great night. Amandalynn loved it, I even enjoyed it and I can see that all the girls had fun.

I’m never ever doing it again… Until the next time that is.


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