A weekend with no photos…

I had a good weekend…

I took no photo’s and I didn’t really go out to do anything “fun”.

I had no wine (yes that’s sad)

Friday night while Amandalynn was a Voortrekkers, H and I had coffee and talked a lot of nonsense. That was followed by the girls insisting by sleeping at ouma’s house, which gave me time to prep for the weddings test table. Lorelai stayed for 5 minutes and insisted on coming home. We ate chips and watched a movie.

Early on saturday moring Elaine picked me up and we were off to the venue. We did the set up and finally she is happy so I can get working. I have loads to do but I’m doing it with a smile on my face. My best friend is getting married!!!! She is going to marry the man of her dreams and I couldn’t be happier for the 2 of them.

The kids and I attempted to do some cleaning on saturday, but instead we went shopping and I treated them to a coke at McDonalds. Its amazing how a McD’s coke can put smiles on their little faces.

Amandalynn slept over by a friend on saturday night so Lorelai and I had our second night of alone time. I’m loving spending time just me and her, we never really get to do that. The more time we are spending alone the more I am realsing that my daughter is hyper active, But that’s another post.

This morning Lorelai and I headed to church and as I started to sit down on our usual seats, she ran to the front of the church and grabbed a seat. So there I was in church right in front with a bouncing 3 year old. She kept them all entertained.

I did some more spring cleaning today, I repacked my entire kitchen, the bathroom and even sorted out all the washing. I have a bed again. Looking at that big empty space, makes me realise that I’m tired of sleeping alone every night, not that I’m sleeping alone as I sleep in Lorelai’s bed most nights. But I want someone to share my bed with me. More than that I’m ready to actually share my life and all that it is with someone. I’m ready to open my heart and my home with another person. I’m ready to move forward. It took me a year and 4 months to reach this point and I can honestly say I’m ready.

No to get off my behind and put myself out there, as Mr Right is not going to find me in my lounge wearing my Pj’s, I have to be out there and open to possibilities.



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