What every royal mom and baby needs…

Hospital essentials for mom and baby at kinderelo.co.za

Cape Town, 22 July 2013: The Duchess of Cambridge has just gone into labour with the third in line to the British throne. We hope she’s ticked off everything on her check-list of baby products so the Kensington Palace royal nursery is fit for a little king or queen. With paparazzi camping outside her hospital of choice, William dashing off to the High Street baby store is no longer an option – fortunately online shopping with quick delivery makes a Duchess’, or any expectant mom’s, life so much easier.

For local moms, expecting their own little prince or princess, it’s as easy as visiting www.kinderelo.co.za to buy the essential last minute items.

Making his or her first public appearance HRH baby will have to look its best and any posh mommy knows that the first outfit will be copied by the rest of the world. Why not channel your own royal style by investing in only the best with a classic styled arrival outfit from PHOEBE & FLOYD – a printed body vest, booties and beanie.  Wrap the little bundle in a Baby wrap from Puckababy and have one hand free to wave at the paparazzi when leaving the hospital.

Apart from the Royal tot, new mothers also needs special attention, Tommee Tippee closer to nature breast pads and a 60ml Bio-Oil are staples for any new mum.

So, while nibbling on cucumber sandwiches and enjoying her Earl Grey tea in her £6,000 a night private wing at St. Mary’s Hospital, the Duchess could’ve ordered a  Car Seat or Tom & Bella receiving blanket from www.kinderelo.co.za and have it delivered to her hospital room.

So whether you’re royalty or not, visit www.kinderelo.co.za or call 0861 777 003. The site offers convenience, free door-to-door delivery, good value and pricing, and a fuss-free returns policy.


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