Promotional Events

My cousin started her own Facebook page called Promotional Events. Its really awesome and I have decided to support her anyway that I can. She has some amazing competitions and events running…

All details below are for competitions etc that are happening before and during the event.

55 Days of Madness:
This competition starts the first of July and ends the 24th of August.
There are four prizes, two for businesses and two for individuals. (1st and 2nd place).
The rules: Businesses and Individuals need to refer people to my Facebook page ( as well as advertise the event (Promotional Baby & Me) on their page. The referer also needs to be part of my page. Every person that joins my page because of them needs to write on my wall who referred them and that counts as a vote, if one of those people pay for a stall or a breakfast at the event then that adds two extra votes to their score and so it will keep adding up until the comp ends.
The value of the prize will come to about R300.00 for the 1st place winners and R150 for the 2nd place winners.
Prizes will be announced on the wall.

100 thank you gifts:
We have arranged for 100 gift bags to be sponsored through an assortment of different businesses. The first 100 people to sign up for ANY breakfast gets a gift bag. We have 3 available for adults. Kids breakfasts don’t apply.

Spot Prizes/raffle:
People who buy the R130 breakfast will automatically get entered into the draw for these prizes. Those who don’t, have to pay R20.00 a ticket to stand a chance. However, we have a lot of gifts so far so you have a very big chance of winning a prize.

1500 WIN:
Once my page reaches 1500 likes then that winner will win 2 black t-shirts with a print of their choice on the front and so will their referer.

Go check out the Facebook page and give some support…


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