I’m not great with surprises!

Yesterday afternoon I a call from a delivery service wanting my physical addy, I didn’t think and responded. After the call I realised I’m not expecting anything and call the number.

They refused to tell me who the delivery was from or what it is, apparently their job is to keep the surprise a surprise. So I had to wait.
The flowers came with a card and I was shocked! Like freaked out to the max but also wanting to know more. I have to wait 5 weeks to actually get the full mobile number.
To my Secret Admirer

Thank you for the flowers they are lovely. They have found a little spot in my lounge and they look really pretty. But why 5 weeks? I’m not going to make it, if I have to wait 5 weeks! I already want to punch you in the face for making me wait this long. I just love the idea and everything about the little cards and gift. Ok what girl does not like gifts?

Here is something you need to know: I do not like surprises, I need to be in control and I cannot wait 5 weeks to know who you are! Please don’t make me wait that long…

Ps: you might/will/should be punched… 😉

xo The Stiletto Mum
Please ignore all typo’s its the Blackberry’s fault


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