Am I crazy?

It weird how life works.

On thursday night while chatting to L & H on whatsapp I mentioned that I’m over being single and just “having fun” but I cannot tell you what it is that I am looking for.

We live in a world where the kind of love that I believe in is the kind you only find in movies or fairytales. I do realise that life does not work that way.

But is it really that horrible to want the kind of love where he is the first person I think of in the morning and the last before I close my eyes at night.

I believe that when I meet him, just by looking at him something will make me want to know more. That after the first conversation I would want to have another. That if I’m lucky enough to expierence that first kiss it will be a kiss I would not forget. I will spen days thinking about the next kiss and how that first kiss made me feel.

I’m crazy right? Wanting that its all I can think about kind of love!

xo The Stiletto Mum
Please ignore all typo’s its the Blackberry’s fault


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