The difference between boys and girls are more than just #choosepinkorblue

On the 22nd of June I attended the launch of a new Huggies innovation at the Mount Nelson in Cape Town. The launch was to introduce nappies actually designed for boys or girls to suit their specific needs. With my youngest almost out of nappies I wish Huggies could have introduced this product much sooner.

Boys and Girls are made different and I agree that their nappies should be different to absorb fluid in different areas in the nappy as well as just to simply, fit better.

Huggies has always been teamed up with the Disney brand, as Disney is a well known and loved brand amongst the younger and older generation alike and is a brand we have all known since childhood. The face of each of the nappies is Minnie Mouse for girls and Mickey for boys.

It was such a great day.

Now we are just waiting for the Huggies invitation to check out the factory. I’m really looking forward to that.

*The photo’s are all from the Huggies facebook page.

xo The Stiletto Mum
Please ignore all typo’s its the Blackberry’s fault


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