School Sport

My little hockey star

My little hockey star

Seeing that its school holidays Ill do a bit of a sport catch-up.

When Amandalynn started grade 1 this year, we talked about what sporting activities she will be taking part in.

In the 1st term the school offers tennis and cricket for the kids. Amandalynn had to pick at least one and she decided she is going to play tennis as Wihan (my youngest brother) plays tennis. The did not have one competition or match in the term so that parentd can come watch.

In the second term her option were netbal and hockey. They are on different days so she gets to do both. She loves hockey and in her team she is really one of the better players. Hein (my eldest brother) is a hockey legend so he takes the time to teach her, she has learned more from him than the school.
She played in a tournament and scored a goal. I was so proud that day.

I’m not even going to talk about the fact that the school picked the u/7 A team at the beginning of the term and how they are the kids who’s parents enrolled them for extra lessons and how the other kids practise gets canceled almost weekly so the teacher can spend quality time with them. Needless to say most of the parents are a little upset.

For the 3rd term she will do netbal and hockey again and the last term tennis and athletics.

Amandalynn loves the sport, but its not the only activities she is taking part in, she also has Chess and Voortrekkers. Here is what her schedule is like:
Term 1 & 4:
Monday – Tennis (directly after school)
Tuesday – Athletics (directly after school)
Wednesday – Tennis (directly after school)
Thursday – Chess – if no practise she will go to athletics (directly after school)
Friday – Voortrekkers (from 18:00 – 19:00)

Term 2 & 3:
Monday – Netbal (directly after school)
Tuesday – Hockey (directly after school)
Wednesday – Netbal (directly after school)
Thursday – Chess if not practise she will go to hockey (directly after school)
Friday – Voortrekkers (from 18:00 – 19:00)

She does very well in school and by 20:30 lastest she is in bed at night. She does not come home dead on her feet and still has enough energy to do extra school work or go jog with my brother. Your wondering why I am telling you this… I want to hear from all of you if this is to much for my 7 year old.

Please all comments are welcome even if its just to tell me you think its to much and why.
Thanks peeps…

Her team

Her team

Zoom in and you'll see my kid has the ball!!!!

Zoom in and you’ll see my kid has the ball!!!!

watching her sister kick some ass.

watching her sister kick some ass.

xo The Stiletto Mum
Please ignore all typo’s its the Blackberry’s fault


One thought on “School Sport

  1. If she’s on top of her academic work and enjoys being busy every day then I don’t see a problem with it at all.

    School work will probably get a bit more when she’s older though?


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