Wonderful Weird Weekend

What a weekend, I’m not really sure where to begin so Ill just start…

Last week was long and hard and by Friday I was dead on my feet. Murphy obviously figured this is hilarious and as I fell down on my bed I got a sms from H asking me if I’m coming to the braai. I was all like what braai and she said that they talked about it on the group chat but somehow I deleted myself of that group – note I started the group chat and now I can’t get back on. Any way I jumped up grabbed the kids a large bottle of wine and off we went to L’s for the usual friday night activity.

I was so tired that drinking wine straight from the bottle was in order. I didn’t even braai myself I gave up and let them handle it. Just before 12 I was so tired that I didn’t even wait for the food to finish. I just headed home and fell into bed.

On saturday morning we went to see Lollos and Lettie at the Soneike Mall as they had a free show and my kids just love Lollos. For those who don’t know who the hell that is, a) google it dammit and b)it basically an Afrikaans version of Barney that cares about the enviroment. Before the show started, Lorelai fell off the jungle gym onto concrete slabs – head first. She cried a little but then Lollos came out and apparently I was holding too tight and she just wanted to watch the show.

As always the children had a blast and I needed coffee. Finally the show was over and we could go home.

I gave the girls instructions to clean their room and minutes later Amandalynn was in tears because her sister said something mean about her father. My heart broke into little pieces. I tried my best to explain to Lorelai that we don’t say mean things about people, she said sorry and ran off to go play. I sat with my little princess on my lap while she was sobbing about why her daddy doesn’t come visit and does he really love her.

Last week was hard on her with sunday being fathersday and not having a father. I think that if he had passed she could better understand why he wasn’t around but she knows he is alive and he just doesn’t come. Eventually she stopped crying and asked if she can go play and ran. I then sat sobbing about my daughter and how my heart hurts for her. I called her granfather and asked if he could come visit her – it was so hard to speak to him as each time I tried to talk I would start crying again. He promised to come get her the next weekend.

What do I tell my daughter? How can I explain this to her without saying that your father is a dick who doesn’t give a fuck about you? No child wants to or need to hear that!

Saturday night we had a braai by Tara, as usual the company was great and we had a blast. I spoke to Tara about My experience with Amandalynn the morning and how I don’t know to handle. She was a good friend and said exactly what I needed to hear. All seemed a bit better in the world.

Still need to tell you about sunday and monday as this shit just gets better, but I assume that you are now bored shitless or just want me to stop so you can comment? Right?

Please any advise on how to handle Amandalynn’s heart is welcome.

xo The Stiletto Mum
Please ignore all typo’s its the Blackberry’s fault



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7 thoughts on “Wonderful Weird Weekend

  1. Oh Amandalynn’s precious heart ❤ I am raising three boys on my own as their father choses to be absent too. I always assure the boys that their father loves them very much he just lives far and that is why they do not see him – because they will be old enough one day to make their own decision about him, that is not my place.

    I think it is easier with boys in some way though – every girl longs for her daddy.


  2. I got dragged off to brownies with our girls last week for “Father’s Day” activities… (read: running ragged around a field playing silly games). Although I was kind of dreading it, I’m glad I went – they were SO happy I was there… and that’s what makes me so angry about parents out there who walk away, or cut themselves off, or don’t bother :/


  3. That’s really hard to deal with…big hug Charlotte. It’s never easy to see your baby hurting.

    Mine has just made up all sorts of stories about her missing dad. I think it’s actually easier for her that she has never even met him, so him suddenly not being there isn’t a problem so much.


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