Its the way you made me feel

Tonight while taking out trash I suddenly missed him, then I realised its not him that I’m missing its that’s feeling I use to get.

Its feeling excited because I’m seeing him tonight.

Its the butterfly effect I get when he walks in the door.

Its the way he use to put my hair behind my hair just before he kiss me.

Its the way he made me laugh at anything and everything.

Its the way he opened every door and pulled out every chair and gave me a kiss before he sat down.

Its the little things. Its that feeling that I miss.

The feeling when you know he only has eyes for you…

That’s the feeling I miss and that’s how I want to feel everyday!


2 thoughts on “Its the way you made me feel

  1. You will be surprised to hear that men feel the same way about women…but there is a problem…I speak in general and from my own observation. Women try so hard to be independent that they totally alienate their men. Women also don’t know how to be femminine any more. You hardly see women wearing dresses or skirts, they walk around in jeans and dress like men. I think that there was a time when women were to be adored, a time when a man would put his lady on a pedistal, to worship the earth she walked on but I think that that time is long gone. Women’s lib brought with it the notion that women should act like men and that women should be like men. I think that it is sad that relationships are no longer based on femminine and masculine roles but rather on metrosexual roles where the women are butch and the men are gay. There is nothing nicer in life than a pretty femmine women who knows that she is a lady and is proud of it.


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