Becoming a Mom Changes Shopping Habits



Shopping for shoes, it seems, becomes a thing of the past when women become moms because as recent research suggests, their maternal instincts significantly change their buying behaviour. Conducted by global providers of market intelligence, Mintel, the study has found that safety, value and nutrition are central to purchases made, as opposed to frivolous spending that may have occurred prior to having children.

Quality and Flexibility First

Fountain Medical’s Karen van Rensburg agrees and says, “While mothers may be seeking lower price points on products they buy, the wellbeing of their children is far more important. For this reason, we have seen that moms will pay for quality products such as the Philips AVENT range because they meet their requirements of optimal safety and durability.”

Philips AVENT is widely associated with superior quality products and so it’s little wonder that research aside, so many moms are willing to invest in this trusted brand. Designed with the needs of mothers and their babies in mind, Philips AVENT products work effectively together offering the flexibility needed when caring for a growing baby.

“Philips AVENT’s superior quality and BPA free products help to support the choices moms make, whether breastfeeding, bottle feeding or combining the two. Then as baby grows, their interchangeable design features mean they can be adapted to meet baby’s developing needs. Philips AVENT aims to guide moms through all these wonderful changes while putting quality and flexibility first,” adds van Rensburg.

For the Best Start in Life

In line with this commitment, Philips AVENT has recently launched its new Natural range to help mothers breastfeed for longer.  The new Comfort breast pump has been developed to

offer a more comfortable expressing position for easier milk flow, with no need to lean forward. While the Philips AVENT Natural bottle has unique features including a breast-shaped teat, making it easier for babies to latch on and maintain the same suckling pattern as on the breast. This effectively serves to enable mothers to continue providing breast milk even if they can no longer breastfeed, due to returning to work by way of example.

Safety, Durability and Price Points

According to the Mintel study, once they have entered the realm of motherhood, 56-percent of moms with children under the age of six seek items that last longer and are more durable, while 51-percent question the safety of items such as food, clothing and toys. A further 46-percent have confirmed that the question of price guides their shopping habits and they’re only likely to pull out their purse for a purchase deemed to be cost effective.

“The rising expenses associated with having children have also become a key driver when moms hit the shops. The pressures of double salaries shrinking to one for stay-at-home mothers and the soaring costs of education have made budgeting and value-seeking a common characteristic for those raising youngsters. And while convenience is key to the time-stressed mom of today, she is paying more attention than ever before to safety and optimal nutrition for her young brood,” says van Rensburg.

The Cautious Shopper

With product recalls a reality throughout the world, the modern mom has turned into a cautious shopper.  Some 40-percent of mothers admit to thinking about the long-term impact of their purchases on their children, 33-percent are considering the nutritional content of the food they buy and 33-percent are concerned about the chemicals that may exist in the food and drinks that find their way into their trolleys.

The Modern Shopping Mom

Concern for the overall wellbeing of her children is the key driver for the modern shopping mom. Price it seems is often secondary to the quality, durability and safety of her purchases.  One peek inside a woman’s trolley is all you need to confirm whether she’s a modern shopping mom. And chances are, you’re sure to spot Philips AVENT’s superior quality, BPA free products in her choice of purchases.

Visit the Philips AVENT website at to learn more about its product portfolio, and for valuable information and tips on feeding, or check out the Philips AVENT Facebook page at For recipes in the release, or more recipe ideas, go to

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