SHITLIST Candidate

Tonight after the kids got out the shower, I grabbed a trusted Cuddlers nappy to find that the one velcro sticky thing (way too tired to google the correct term) was glued to the inside of the nappy.

I figured its not a big issue, Ill just use another – what luck – same story.

I got a little pissed off!

At R2.38 a nappy wasting two is R4.46 wasted! Yes that not a lot of money but when your 3 year old still wears nappies at night that you really can’t afford to be spending money on, R4.46 is a lot!

I asked on twitter who’s the PR company for Cuddlers so I can complain to both them and the Nampak. The friendly tweeple responded within minutes to tell me it RED PHONE.

So tomorrow I will be sending out some emails to both these companies and I will be posting my email and response on my blog and over at

RED PHONE and NAMPAK its all up to you if you are going on the SHITLIST or not.

Have a good one…
xo The Stilettomum

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4 thoughts on “SHITLIST Candidate

  1. I think this is one of those quirky production fuckups of nappies. I used to purchase Huggies and Pampers and would come across a few every now and then.

    I don’t think I ever used Cuddlers, so I do not think this is a cost/quality – it is just one of those “poor quality checking” issues that creeps in.

    I do recall how pissed off I used to get. But not pissed off enough to create a shit list. However when you are dealing with nappies and children, and nappies that don’t work … then I guess one needs to expect the shit to fly as so to speak.


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