26 before 27 end April list update

I have been really bad with updating this list… Here are my goals for this year and my reasons for doing or not doing them:

1. I want to take the girls camping again this year. – I will arrange this for spring so at least I have a little time.

2. I need to get my learners – Carol (my mother) is on my case and I just want to get it to get her off it. – I need to make another booking.

3. Watch the sunset from Table Mountain – I think on my birthday will be a good idea because then I go for free! Who wants to go with?

4. I need to read 1 book each month. 11 books here I come. – I have read 3 books for the year, I think. Will have to go find them and list them.

5. I need to work more on my appearance – I want to find a look and stick to it. Yes I know it is boring but I have 11months to redo my wardrobe. – I got bangs and most days I love them, but now with the rain and the wedding in Nov I am growing them out again.

6. Get the maintenance sorted – this will be on my list for the next 18 years, so even without trying I will be willing to update you. – I went to court last week Friday to sign paperwork now we are back to step one as get the bastard arrested.

7. Cooking – this was also on my previous list but never got far, maybe it will go better with trying 11 new meals for the year. – I made the butternut lasagne in Jan and last month I made veggie soup. I have to cook this month, so let’s see how that goes.

8. DIY for my home – this is already going well.

9. Go on holiday. A real one. Anywhere. Make it a road trip. – my cousins 21st is on 17 May in Bloemfontein – I really want to go and the buss ticket is going to cost me R850. I only have R300 for it this month so will have to beg my brother or go stand on a street corner (this is a joke people) maybe I should ask for holiday donations? Any ideas on how I can make that money legally within 2 weeks?

10. Conquer a fear

11. Start my studies – this was put on the backburner again. Hopefulle towards the end of the year I can register.

12. Have a better relationship with my siblings. – I got to spend Azara’s birthday with her. It was my first Szebelledi birthday.

13. Get my license – as soon as number 2 has been completed.

14. Get a new laptop – I got a Samsung tablet does it count?

15. Do a weekend away no kids just for fun. – see point 9 and offer donations 😉 😉

16. Get a real boyfriend and not just a manfriend as MsTaraLaing would put it – this means dating and trying. Have at least one date a month until goal is reached. – I’ve stopped dating for now, just because I can. Maybe Ill date again in June.

17. Dance on bubble wrap

18. Sing karaoke

19. Have a funky with the kids photo shoot – I have spoken to Celeste over at Reluctant Mom about this and she is game to do another photoshoot with me and the girls. Liesel (the twins mother) aslo said we can do one with the kids. Excited!

20. Build a sandcastle on the beach – maybe this summer.

21. Go to a concert

22. Update my will

23. Have a wicked awesome girls night. – I did, I did. Liesel, Henrietta and myself went to the Palms for dinner and drinks and we had so much fun.

24. Have a spa day

25. Have the mole under my arm right next to my boob removed.

26. Sunset Cruise

I have worked on 10 of my 26 goals… I have 7 months to work on the other 16.

Have a good one…
xo The Stilettomum

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