Our week so far…

Tonight I’m in the mood to sit down and write something besides my budget and our shopping list… But I have nothing to write about besides the fact that my kids got kicked out of school for 3 days because of those little assholes called lice.

Yeah we have lice again and I’m slowly starting to go crazy!

Every wednesday and sunday I check my kids hair and treat it even if I find nothing. I have added Tea Tree Oil to all the shampoo and spray lavender on their heads. I do everything I can to prevent those little assholes return. Next step is to either color Amandalynn’s hair (yes yes keep your judgement to yourself) or shave it all off.

For some reason my kids are always the traget for lice. Sunday night I checked and wash their hair and it was clean. Tuesday my mom picked them up from school and was told to treat their hair as they have lice.

We got more lice things and I spent almost 2 hours of my time sorting out the heads of my children. Finally when their little heads were clean I went to go have coffee and a smoke and catch up on my emails… That’s when I got the email saying my kids can’t return to school for 3 days.

I was so fucking pissed off! My kids are in a wonderful school, but sometimes the communication sucks! Imagine me running up and down at 9 at night trying to find placed for my children to stay.

As always I got it sorted fairly quickly.

And now I’m tired of typing…will continue this post soon…

Have a great day all… Hopefully lice free…


13 thoughts on “Our week so far…

  1. AI, I hate those buggers. We have truly foudn soemthing that works well for prevention because A is prone to them too – (btw that has to do with hair type – they like fine straight hair and clean hair) Try Bergamot essence from Lennons – add a 1/4 bottle to your shamppo, a 1/4 bottle to conditioner, and a 1/4 bottle to detangling spray. Use the detangling spray on their hair every morning before school. Add a 1/4 bottle to the final rinse water every time you wash hair and wash at least every 3 to 4 days.Your kids will have a slightly spicy/ herby smell but we have been clean for over 3 months ever since we got the advice and a lot of the girls in the class has had the buggers. Try it! (But only after they are rid of them -0 it’s preventatve only)


  2. They had a latter at N’s school a few weeks ago too, to say check…we didn’t have any but i thought I might as well chuck some tea tree oil in her detangle spray. Now she scratches ALL the time, but there still aren’t any lice (thank goodness). I think she might be itching from the oil…so i probably won’t do that again.

    So far we’ve been very lucky and have missed the lice every time. Her school is very good about making sure each child has a dedicated matress and they don’t swop out with other children.


      • Mwahaha! I must have tempted fate by writing that previous comment. 😉
        I think we have it almost complete sorted now. We’ve been treating all week and we’re doing one of the major 8 hour treatments again tomorrow. I know a lot more about these critters now than I ever wanted to but I think I may just have a handle on the situation now (keeping my fingers crossed as I say this).

        I suppose it’s just part of growing up and I shouldn’t have a fit about it?

        After we are 100% sure we’ve cleared them all out I’m going to start trying out preventative measures. Cat suggested Bergamot oil in her hair products and at least that smells a helluva lot better than tea tree oil, so I’ll give it a go and let you know how it goes.


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