Birthdays and other things

Today I got to spend the morning celebrating my little sisters birthday. She turned 7 today and for me it was a huge thing as it was the first time I was able to attend her birthday.

But ill get to that in a second.

So much have gone on in this last month that I’m not even sure where to begin! Live has been way calm but my mind has been crazy. But its been a good month.

Our weekend was awesome. Friday night Amandalynn had Voortrekkers (like she does every friday) so while she was there, Liesel and I had a large glass of wine and just chatted about the week and had some down time. It wasn’t completely child free as Lorelai was home and it wasn’t long as Voortrekkers is just and hour but it was just what we both needed after a long week. The girls and I spent the rest of the evening watching movies and just relaxing.

Saturday morning Liesel had to work, so I offered to watch the twins then she doesn’t have to take then with. I was alone with 4 children to entertain and a house that needed to be cleaned. Honestly I will do it again in a heartbeat. The kids argued like most kids do but all round they were well behaved. Tara popped in with Princess Kate sometime during the morning to get away from the building zone she calls a home and just have a coffee and relax.

At around 3 Liesel came to pick up the kids but before she could head out the door we had to decorate the chocolate cupcakes that I baked. The kids loved it, but I do a post with pictures.

Now I mentioned that Tara claims that she is living in a building zone… Besides a little but of sand that gets into everything I have to say the renovations that got done looks amazing. Her bedroom is huge (mine is not longer the bigger bedroom). We chatted, had coffee, kids decorated cupcakes again, we had a castle and I played with Princess Kate. It was nice to get of my house and just relax.
After my children went to bed I did what any good mother who is involved in too many activities but will never admit it and deny that she ever said it would do… I pasted cotton wool and sprayed glitter onto 20 pictures for my sunday school class for sunday morning. Yeah that is what my saturday night has turned into… Preparing for church the next day.

Now as I mentioned earlier I went to my little sisters 7th birthday party at the Spur. The first time I met Azara was at my grans funeral and I have loved that little girls since the minute I laid eyes on her. I meant so much to me being able to celebrate with her. She is such a wonderful, loving little girl and it breaks my heart that I missed all her firsts, but I won’t miss another minute.

So how was your weekend?


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