This girl I know…

I know this girl who will 27 by the time she opens her eyes tomorrow morning.

She is a warm and caring soul and takes shit from no-one, not even me.

So instead of sending you 100 birthday messages I figured a card to you in the form of a blog post will say what I want best.

To my friend…

Do you know what my first memory of our friendship is? Sitting at the park smoking, you still smoked Dunhill lights back then and we had a very serious discussion about the box that day.

I remember you holding my hand when we got stranded at the beach the same day we figure out I might be pregnant with Amandalynn and her father got arrested. I remember being in Shauns bathroom and how you kept me calm-ish and how you took me home with you that night. I will never be able to repay you for that.

Whenever I have an ice cream at the beach of think of how you, me and Lee-Ann did the McD’s drive through after a beach session.

You have been ther through every big thing that has happened in my and the girls lives. Yes we have had our ups and down, but at the end of the day I know that your only a phone call away.

So my dear Tara, I wish for you all the happiness you deserves on you special day and for your future.

Happy Birthday girl.

Love Me X

Ps: Seeing that your on maternity leave I expect cake when I pop in tomorrow with your gift.

Pss: what do you want for your birthday from Clicks?


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