Sisters, Shoes and a Princess

My 6 year old sister.

My 6 year old sister.

I got to meet my 6 year old sister for the first time at my Grans funeral. I fell in love with her the minute I knew who she was. During the service I sat next to her and my brother will my dad next to Azara and Andrea my other sister next to him. We sat in the Chapel like the family we should have been all my life.

Back to the point, Azara played with the flower stickers on my nails and did not leave me alone for the entire day. We played like siblings should. Overall I had a great day. I got to meet more family and spending the day with my dad and siblings was just awesome.

I got this new floral skirt and fell head over heels in love with it. It fits perfectly with to of the my pairs of shoes.

Little Princess Kate is growing so quickly and her mom now looks like she was never pregnant.

So those are some bullets of the last couple of weeks of my life.

Don’t forget to tune in on Tuesday morning. Ill be live on Mommy Matters with Jessica having a little bit.

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Trying to pick a shoe...

Trying to pick a shoe…

Princess Kate

Princess Kate


4 thoughts on “Sisters, Shoes and a Princess

  1. For some reasons funerals are always when my family gets together. Even the Recluse. In fact I think we look almost macarbly forward to them. Mainly, I think we look forward to the wake. We do a really good wake!


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