My top 10 posts over the last… well forever!

I haven’t done one of these in a while here are my top 10 posts…


So it is now official we are having a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party. I have found so many great ideas, so many of them I can make myself so I am starting early with the planning. The Party will be on Saturday 28 January 2011 @ my new house (that’s if I have moved in by then, otherwise it will be at my mothers, luckily the address stays the same.) I will be having an adult table in my side yard and the kids area in my back yard, obviously the two are connected. The guest list has pretty much been finalised. Yeah on me for being a bit anal. (click on heading to continue reading)


This SHITlist is for all the companies and people who piss me off. If your name is on here feel free to comment about why feel that you do not belong her and if your point is valid I will remove you (if I want). This page is for me to vent… I will edit as often as I feel like it or never… Enjoy.  (click on heading to continue reading)


Last year MommyToes came up with the idea to do a Bloggers Secret Santa it was great fun to see all the bloggers join in and shopping for a person you do not know was even more fun! (click on heading to continue reading)


Single mum of two amazing princesses, Amandalynn and Lorelai, on a mission to conquer the world (or at least survive it) one stiletto clad step at a time. So if you ask me now who I am that will be my answer! How sad is that? (click on heading to continue reading)


So most of you have seen pics of me and must be rolling your eyes and thinking what can you really have issues with? Your a skinny bitch and now you complain about it. For a person with extra weight to loose, dropping 10 kgs is a big thing, for a skinny person 1Kg does the same thing. (click on heading to continue reading)


This one is a working progress. So far this month I have gone on 2 dates. The first guy was nice, but we didn’t have much to talk about, he is a real off the farm kind of guy and just by reading the name of my blog you should know that we are not a fit.  (click on heading to continue reading)
Last week friday its was me and a dance floor at a friends 21st. You should have seen me legs! Wait… I have a pic for you.  (click on heading to continue reading)


Dear John. Usually when I write to you or about you, its because I’m angry or heart broken for my daughter. Even now I’m heartbroken for her. I wish that you could open your eyes and realise that you have a daughter that is growing up without a father, a little girl who would love and adore you if you just gave her a chance. She is such and awesome kid. You are missing so much. I’m sad for you as well. I’m sad because you don’t get to see how excited she currently is about loosing another tooth and finally allowing me to put the shoe in the house (not yet her bedroom) for the mouse to bring her money.  (click on heading to continue reading)

9.  REWARD CHARTSOver the last year I really didn’t care about what my house looked like. I was too busy picking myself up off the floor and trying to find happiness within myself and my children, that a clean house was not the number one thing to do on my list. That means I spent many many weekends cleaning up. It didn’t bother me then, but it bothers me now. Amandalynn is heading to school in a week and i need to make sure our home life is organised so that she knows where to find her school things at all times. Enter: Reward Charts! Amandalynn use to have these but as I said I was toooOoo busy sorting my shit out. They moved back into the kitchen.  (click on heading to continue reading)


Is it worth keeping a secret from a friend if you know its going to kill them? Maybe… But then you cannot look them in the eye, you feel that you are building on a lie. You let the secret out knowing that it will hurt them, but you would rather be honest than loose a friend on a lie! I’m sorry. I did what I did not thinking about you, me or anything really. I can say it happened and that’s that, but its been a long time coming and you push and push to get it away and run from it.  (click on heading to continue reading)



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