My best friend in the world is getting married in 8 months.

I’m so happy and excited as Eduan and Elaine are the perfect couple. The are high school sweetheart who were never able to be together until a couple years after school they finally got the chance and they are truly a couple who I look up to.

Yesterday we got our wedding planning on.

First stop was the decor shop to work out what Elaine wants and how we (her mother and I) are going to make it work. We got some great ideas and found something we call can agree on.

There is a lot of work that still needs to be done and I will make sure that my best friend has the most beautiful wedding ever.

Then we heading to Canal Walk as they had their wedding expo on. I have to say the docr ideas were nice but nothing original. The wedding dresses were ugly, like really really ugly. We got some nice thank you card ideas, but nothing more.

We stopped in at Bride and Co to try on some dresses and they told us we needed an appointment. So we lied and said we are from JHB and going back tomorrow. The lady felt sorry for us and let Elaine try on some dresses. When she came out in the first dress I felt like crying. My best friend is getting married to the man of her dreams and she was glowing just trying on a dress.

4 dresses later Elaine came walking out in the kind of gown I would never have imagined her to wear, it was such a princess dress, but I had tears in my eyes. That’s the dress she has to marry Eduan in. That’s the dress.

We looked at a couple of bridesmaid dresses and we even found one that would look perfect on me.

It was a great day and I’m now counting the days until my best friends gets to say I do infront of all our family and friends.

Ps: I’m working on my best friend speech (yeah I couldn’t help myself last night) and I was already starting to tear-up.

So Elaine my promise to you – I will do everything I can to ensure your day is everything you wanted and more. I love you Lainie.


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