Growing up

Last week Amandalynn had her first school Oral. She had to make a poster about her fav colour, pet, food. She had to name her best friend and how old she is, the best part for me was that she had to say what she wants to be when she grows up.

I have never really talked to my kids about what they want to be one day as I trying to not let them grow up anymore.

Now before tell you what Amandalynn wants to be, let me tell you about my kids and the TV.

My kids don’t get to watch a lot of Tv at my house, so when they run into yours and want to watch cartoons and veg out, its not because they are always like that, but they see it as mommy will allow it then. My point is my kids love Pasella.

For the English folks: Its like Top Billing but in Afrikaans.

To be honest I don’t even know what day of the week it is on SABC2 (sorry PR people – just being my honest self) but Amandalynn knows. She will come to me on the night that she feels it should be on at the right time (note she can’t tell time) and ask me if its one. I
I usually say that its not on and that she should go read a book. She will argue with me for 5min that it is on. Finally I would give in and say “go switch on the TV and see for yourself, it is not on”

She will run switch it and and to my surprise the show would have just started. I have no clue how she does it.

So what does Amandalynn want to be one day when she is all grown up? She wants to be a presenter on Pasella.

And Lorelai you ask…?

She wants to be a snake and she will then bite her gran. Weird I tell you.


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