I have lost track of how behind I am in the #FBC – just couldn’t get myself to do it. I will catch up and it will be completed by 28 Feb even if I do them all on one day.

Currently I’m on my train heading to Town and I’m trying really hard to update what has been happening in Stiletto-Ville… If you have heard some of this news… SORRY

So Amandalynn is loving Voortrekkers – last week Friday they had their annual Potjie Kos and the kids loved it. I got to spent some time with the other Grade 1 parents and got to know them a little better over some Cool Drinks. They not half bad.

Saturday Lorelai’s father took her horse riding and she loved it. Its only a 25min lesson but my daughter loves “Nanuk” (her horse). She now feels she is going to be just like her aunt Elaine.

Elaine’s wedding is stressing me out… Its 2 November’13 and I have so many easy DIY cheap ideas for decorations – but I haven’t seen my friend this month and I know she has lost on her plate and don’t want to stress her out anymore. Yes a real catch 22

We had our second birtday party of the year on Saturday afternoon – Nella turned 3. Lorelai loved the jumping castle with the slide. I loved how all the other parents kept saying how damn cute my kid is.

Sunday we had church and sunday school. We had a sunday school teacher training session – it lasted from 10:30 to 12. It was a good session, I got to meet some interesting new faces.

This weekend I don’t have anything planned, besides going to Alton and Andrea for a braai on saturday.

How was your weekend and what are you planning for this weekend?


6 thoughts on “Life

  1. Wow did you have time to breathe at least on the weekend? But it does seem like you had great fun. I took some time out last weekend as I’ve got a few busy ones coming up. Birthdays galore!

    Hope you have a great day today and an even better weekend 🙂


    • I forgot to add that I did some cleaning, Popped in by Tara, went to the shops, prepped for sunday school on saturday, it was my moms birthday on Sunday so we had a braai and family came over… So to answer your question. I did not get much time to breathe. Have a great rest of week.


    • Its more mordern apparently, but the same values apply. I wasn’t a Voortrekker growning up, but I aunt is very involved (runs Kanonkop) so I got cc’d in a email last year between her and my mom informing me that Amandalynn will start the friday… And as they say the rest is history… Now to buy myself a pair of tekkies for the first camp.


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