My struggle with my body…

So most of you have seen pics of me and must be rolling your eyes and thinking what can you really have issues with? Your a skinny bitch and now you complain about it.

For a person with extra weight to loose, dropping 10 kgs is a big thing, for a skinny person 1Kg does the same thing.

Over the last 4 months I have lost 3kg. I can feel it when I put on my fav jean or dress.

People constanly comment about how skinny I am and that I need to eat more… Yes I don’t eat the way I should, but I eat when I’m hungry.

I wonder how an over-weight person would feel if someone constantly tells them that they are too fat and need to eat less to loose some weight.

Imagine that…

Imagine saying that to every over-weight person you know every day. Cruel right? They are aware of there weight issues and now you are rubbing it in. That’s not ok.

So why is it ok to do that to a skinny person? To someone who has not control over loosing weight they would like to keep?

My point is next time you look at a skinny person and feel the need to comment or feed then, walk up to the first fat person you see tell then to eat less and loose weight. Then stop and look at their face – the hurt and sadness you see is what I feel each time someone tells me I’m too thin and need to eat more.


10 thoughts on “My struggle with my body…

  1. Morning Iam a skinny man 1.87m tall and 90kg my big colleges at work suffer and I am a busy body but enjoy my skinny body and still able to spend a weekend at Tietiesbaai catching my own crayfish with my wetsuit. Maybe they want a body like yours.


  2. Wow, good post. I understand where you’re coming from. I’m not skinny, I’m athletic. But to my Hispanic family I’m under weight and they constantly nag me to eat more of what they eat. I eat healthy but enjoy it and exercise regularly because I like to. Something they don’t understand. They think I’m thin and fit and should eat whatever and not workout. But then I wouldn’t be fit, I’d probably be overweight and moody without exercise. So I understand how you feel. I’m sure you know this but I’ll say it anyways: don’t let anyone hurt you with their negative comments. You are uniquely you and that’s what matters 😉


  3. I agree — not that I have that problem anymore… I gained about 7 kgs in the past five years since I got married – and on a person as short as I am (157.5 cm), even an extra kg or two is noticeable.
    But, back when I used to be skinny it would drive me crazy when people would make comment about how I needed to eat more or that I was too skinny.
    I really don’t think commenting on a person’s weight is very nice – regardless. But, that’s just me.


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