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10 TO 16 FEBRUARY 2013

You’re pregnant and each day that your baby grows inside of you brings new hope and experiences. But you’re also mindful of how your decisions will affect your growing baby. Simple choices you took for granted suddenly have bigger implications. Can you still enjoy your favourite cheese? Is it safe to dye your hair? Can you exercise? Is it safe to indulge in that aromatherapy massage?

Expectant moms will agree that there are so many dos and don’ts when you’re pregnant that it can feel overwhelming when trying to make the right choice. Plus there is often lots of well-meaning advice sent your way but ultimately, you want sound advice to help you make decisions says Astrid Anderson, Commercial Programs Manager at Fountain Medical, exclusive distributors of Philips AVENT in South Africa.

“There is so much conflicting information available so it’s wise for an expectant mom to look to the experts for information she can rely on. An ideal place to start is by asking a professional like your doctor, gynae or a Certified Childbirth Educator.”
Since 1984, Philips AVENT has worked closely with medical experts to design and manufacture feeding products and accessories that support new moms and take some of the guesswork out of making decisions.


Moms-to-be can trust Philips AVENT to provide clinically-proven solutions that help make activities like breastfeeding easier and simpler. Many expectant moms struggle with inverted or flat nipples before baby is born. Philips AVENT’s Niplette is a simple, discreet, non-surgical solution worn during pregnancy which uses gentle suction to correct nipple shape in preparation for breastfeeding. The Nipplette is available at Baby City, suggested selling price is R 1000.00.


After birth and once mom and baby have settled into a feeding routine, Philips AVENT Nipple Protectors offer moms the ability to continue breastfeeding even when suffering from the discomfort of cracked, sore nipples. The soft silicone nipple shields are made from soft, odourless, ultrafine silicone that protects sore nipples during feeding.

Philips AVENT is also on hand to offer moms-to-be advice on breast- and bottlefeeding once baby is born. For more information, log onto Or visit Fountain Medical’s website:


Myths and misconceptions abound about what is safe to do (or not do) during pregnancy. Here are some questions you may have:

Is it safe to eat cheese?

The concern surrounding cheese is the presence of bacteria called listeria found in soft, mould-ripened cheeses such as brie, camembert, chevre as well as soft, blue-veined cheeses such as Danish blue and Roquefort. Listeria can cause an illness called listeriosis which can lead to miscarriage or loss of a baby at birth. You don’t have to eliminate all cheese – just stick to hard cheeses like Cheddar, feta and gouda. Soft processed cheeses like cottage and cream cheese are also fine.

Can I colour or chemically-treat my hair?

At this stage, experts agree that we don’t know enough about the potential long-term effects of chemical hair processing to give a definitive answer. Some moms prefer to avoid altogether, while others avoid during the first trimester and then keep it to a minimum. It’s important that you look and feel good about yourself, but if you’re in doubt, consider whether chemically-treating your hair will make you feel your best, or simply make you worry. If you do decide to continue, it’s best to avoid home hair processing and rather go to a professional.

Is it safe to fly?

Provided it’s during your first and second trimester, yes. Although experts do advise you first ask your doctor if you have diabetes, are spotting, have high blood pressure or have had a previous pregnancy with early birth. Always consult your doctor to be safe as he knows your medical history.

Can I continue to exercise?

The good news is that exercise is beneficial for your health and that of your growing baby so keep at it. Low-impact activity like walking, swimming, Pilates and low-impact aerobics are good options. However, if you’re generally not active, pregnancy isn’t the time to launch into an exercise routine. And even if you’re a seasoned gym-goer, it’s advisable to avoid vigorous activities and exercise where you could slip and fall. Remember that the pregnancy hormone relaxing loosens up your joints and can make you more prone to sprain or injury so don’t overdo it.

Can I have an aromatherapy treatment?

Expectant moms often find aromatherapy soothing for pregnancy-related niggles like swollen ankles and nausea. However aromatherapy oils are concentrated plant extracts and are best used with caution. Ask an aromatherapist for advice, otherwise, if you are in good health, stick to oils like lavender, chamomile, rose, peppermint and tea tree. Avoid altogether if you suffer with epilepsy, vaginal bleeding, heart problems or diabetes.

Can I change cat litter?

The worry with soiled litter is that it may contain a parasite that can lead to an infection called toxoplasmosis. While it isn’t serious to your health, it can be harmful to your developing baby if you catch it shortly before or during pregnancy. However, the thinking is that if you have a cat, you’ve likely already had it without knowing and the good news is that you can’t catch it again. However it’s still wise to be cautious so ask someone else to clean the litter tray.

For more information on Philips AVENT South Africa contact Fountain Medical on 0860 Babies (222 437) or e-mail for stockist details. More information is available at /AVENT and .

About Fountain Medical

Fountain Medical is a South African company that has provided practical and convenient solutions to pregnant couples and new parents for nearly 30 years. The company began by supplying infant incubators and related equipment to hospitals. This division was later sold but Fountain Medical remained committed to making a real and positive difference to the quality of the lives of babies and parents. Today the company imports and distributes high quality brands from the innovative advantages of Philips AVENT, to the clever solutions offered by Clevamama, the convenience found in DotBaby, and the practicality of BabyBjörn. For more information visit


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