How do YOU handle being a single parent?

Today I was featured on Mommy Matters, I felt the need to share this article with you…

So how do YOU handle being a single parent?

It’s difficult being a single parent. Not so much in raising the child, I think it’s more about not having a partner to help.

I am in this situation, a situation I made the decision to be in. I cannot blame anyone, I chose being happy over being in an unhappy relationship. I want to raise happy, emotionally stable children and I believe that to be able to do that, they need to be in a happy home.

Its hard work being on my own, but I remind myself daily that a happy child has nothing to do with the amount of parents that child has, but more to do with the quality of parenting you give that child.

A few tips on how I tried to manage myself and my kids over the last 6 odd years… (continue reading)


2 thoughts on “How do YOU handle being a single parent?

    • Thank you. But I don’t see myself as a Heroe, I’m a mom of 2 beautiful little girls – girls I love with all my heart and I prefer to see myself as lucky. I get to make my own decisions, I get to choose how my girls are raised and the best part I get to be proud of them of me for how they turn out and what they achieve – because I know that was all me.


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