Is it worth keeping a secret from a friend if you know its going to kill them?


But then you cannot look them in the eye, you feel that you are building on a lie.

You let the secret out knowing that it will hurt them, but you would rather be honest than loose a friend on a lie!

I’m sorry. I did what I did not thinking about you, me or anything really. I can say it happened and that’s that, but its been a long time coming and you push and push to get it away and run from it. I can say I’m sorry many times, I can say that it meant nothing but the truth is, it did mean something. I’m not sure how I feel and I have been fighting those feelings knowing that I am not prepared to give up on us for that.

In the end I lost both.

I’m to blame and I know that.

You mean the world to me and again I’m sorry. I’m not asking that you forgive me, because I don’t know if I could forgive you if the table was turned.


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