Toddlers, Tantrums and Spanking…

My post I’d being featured on today.

Here is a little bit of that post:

“Lorelai (my youngest) is 3 going on 33. She has a mind of her own and an attitude to go with it. Since her dad and I split I noticed that she has tantrums when she does not get her way and then hits or kicks her sister.

Now, I am PRO Spanking, most people won’t agree with me, but it is how I prefer to parent MY children.

Sometimes a good spanking is all that a child needs to be back on track and with Amandalynn (now 6) it worked great, but Lorelai is a different child and a spanking tends to make things worse.

My best mommy friend when it comes to parenting advice is Google. She takes me to all these pretty parenting magazines and mommy blogs and I get the advice I need. I have google’d this topic to death and found some great and also weird tips…”

To read the full post here is the link:


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