FBC #6 – A little dinner party for 10

10 people dead or alive…

This isn’t something I have ever spent time thinking about. So here goes.

1. “Great name for a husband of a sunday school teacher” Currently I want to put him on the list. The texting conversations don’t do it for me and its difficult for me to open up that way.

2. Devan – yes obviously your on this list as I will need you.

3. Elaine – because your my bestie and you rock.

4. Alfred. My biological father. – because we have never had an adult dinner.

5. Alfred’s mother, my grandmother.

6. Stacey – she is my boss, but she is awesome.

7. Carrie Bradshaw – the shoes, the shoes, the shoes.

8. Samatha Jones – because the conversation will never be boring.

9. Cupcakemummy – cause we all need the next great cupcake braker.

10. Marilyn Monroe

Ill have to hire someone to do the catering cause I aint cooking!


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