Reward Charts

Over the last year I really didn’t care about what my house looked like. I was too busy picking myself up off the floor and trying to find happiness within myself and my children, that a clean house was not the number one thing to do on my list.

That means I spent many many weekends cleaning up. It didn’t bother me then, but it bothers me now.

Amandalynn is heading to school in a week and i need to make sure our home life is organised so that she knows where to find her school things at all times.

Enter: Reward Charts!

Amandalynn use to have these but as I said I was toooOoo busy sorting my shit out.

They moved back into the kitchen.

*Night one was great, kids did what was needed and the got stickers. Pat on the back supermom

*Night two started out well. Lorelai refused to help pick up toys so she got a black X and Amandalynn got 2 stickers. She again refused to help with the dishes and got another X. Amandalynn cried because she have to take the trash out. I sat them down, told them if they cry or moan when have to do their chores then they get an X and for each X I will take a priviliage away.

Have your tried Rewards Charts? How does it work for you?

Wish me luck for night 3.

Stiletto Love


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