26 before 27 – damn I am getting old.

So I’m officially 26 and its time to do my 26 before 27 list. Some things will continue from my previous list to this list as they won’t ever really be over. I have a year to do 26 things, 11 months to do them. That means I have to do 2/3 things a month. Hold thumbs…

1. I want to take the girls camping again this year.

2. I need to get my learners – Carol (my mother) is on my case and I just want to get it to get her off it.

3. Watch the sunset from Table Mountain

4. I need to read 1 book each month. 11 books here I come.

5. I need to work more on my appearance – I want to find a look and stick to it. Yes I know it is boring but I have 11months to redo my wardrobe.

6. Get the maintenance sorted – this will be on my list for the next 18 years, so even without trying I will be willing to update you.

7. Cooking – this was also on my previous list but never got far, maybe it will go better with trying 11 new meals for the year.

8. DIY for my home – this is already going well.

9. Go on holiday. A real one. Anywhere. Make it a road trip

10. Conquer a fear

11. Start my studies

12. Have a better relationship with my siblings.

13. Get my license

14. Get a new laptop

15. Do a weekend away no kids just for fun.

16. Get a real boyfriend and not just a manfriend as MsTaraLaing would put it – this means dating and trying. Have at least one date a month until goal is reached.

17. Dance on bubble wrap

18. Sing karaoke

19. Have a funky with the kids photo shoot

20. Build a sandcastle on the beach

21. Go to a concert

22. Update my will

23. Have a wicked awesome girls night.

24. Have a spa day

25. Have the mole under my arm right next to my boob removed.

26. Sunset Cruise

So my list is now complete… Come on Jan 2013 you better rock my world.


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