Shit only happens to me on Wednesday

So 6 out of the 7 days in the week, usually nothing fun happens but minutes before Lorelai has to go to her dad, the shit usually hits the fan.

Lorelai got this little Hello Kitty music box, with drawers and little doors. She is always playing with it and as it is plastic and seriously what is the worst that can happen?

Yeah no – in my world the shit has to hit the fan.

The friendly people in China figured that a childs Music Box should have glass and not plastic doors. Reaaly that’s not very very bright.

So while waiting for her father to fetch her I figured while I have a second I will quickly run to the loo. Not even a minute later, Lorelai came looking for me and following her were these very large bloody footprints.

It took what felt like forever to stop the blood. The cut it made runs from her heal to the middle of her foot.

She could walk on the foot until her days car stopped in front of the house and then she was in serious pain.


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