The 1st day before the 1st day of Garde 1

Today was an emotional day for me and an awesome day for my eldest daughter.

What happend you ask?

Today was Amandalynn’s first day of Grade 1. Her school has the parents and new Grade 1’s come to the school towards the end of their Grade R year to get devided into their classes and to meet their teacher for next year.

Today was that day for us. My mother, Amandalynn and myself headed to school this morning to do just that.

They line up the teachers, before they read the childrens names. Out of the 5 Afrikaans teachers my mother and I picked the same teacher we want for my daughter and luck for us, we got her.

Amadalynn left the hall with her new teacher and the parents got to listen to rules, money and activities kind of speeches.

I was fine with all of this, until we went to the clothing bank to go fit on the uniforms so we could know what to buy for next year. She look so damn cute and big it want to make me cry. (Sorry for not rotating image I’m blogging from the BB)

She also got a cute calender to help her count the days until next year. Not only is it only 67 days to go it also includes a list of things I have to do before then.

She needs a school uniform:
Badge for dress
Short for under dress x3
Summer shirts x3 – got 2
Socks – white x5 -done
Socks – grey x5 – got 2
Shoes – done
Pants for winter x2
Winter shirt x3
Badges for winter shirts x3
Jersey – done
Jacket – done
White tekkies
KDA pants
KDA top
School bag – done
Aftercare bag
Stationary (cost: R324)

So that’s my little shopping list for before school closes at the end of the year.


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